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How KL4.5LM miners lamp avoids explosion in underground mines

Datetime: 2017-06-26 17:00:40

How KL4.5LM miners lamp avoids explosion in underground mines

Golden Future KL4.5LM miners lamp is intrinsic safety miners lamp which is welcome by most of customers for the use of underground mine. Features with LCD display to show lamp number, time and battery balance, KL4.5LM has been advanced to 5.2Ah li-ion battery with Max. 7000 lux.

KL4.5LM miners lamp

Underground mine is hazardous area, it is inevitably to have the possibility of explosion. Explosions are violent combustion reactions which spread out

in a mixture of fuel (i.e. flammable gases, vapours, smoke and dust) and oxidizing material (mostly oxygen) after being ignited by an independent source of ignition. For an explosion of flammable substance to take place, three elements are necessary - fuel, oxygen and a source of ignition.

So, for the cap lamps used in underground mine, it should be in intrinsic safety. This means that the lamps should be made incapable of releasing sufficient electrical or thermal energy under normal or abnormal conditions to cause the ignition of a specific hazardous atmospheric mixture in its most easily ignited concentration.

There are two technical reasons that will cause explosion :

---short-circuit of the lamp's circuit board (mainly the capacitor) triggers electric spark which will cause gas explosion.

---short-circuit of battery causes fire;

So, for the short circuit of circuit board, we add 1 quick-break fuse and 2 current-limiting resistance on the battery so as to limit battery's output current. So no electric spark will form even if short circuit occurs in circuit board.

And for the battery short circuit problem, the battery we used which is quality-guaranteed with UL approved, has passes all the drop test, impact test, rolling test and etc. Normally, the battery we use won't cause fire. But further more, we have independent battery protection board for each battery to make sure the two batteries won't interrupt each other, which is to mean the failure of one battery won't affect the performance of the other battery. And the battery is packed in rubber sleeves to protect them from impacts. So, under these conditions, risks of battery causing fire will be reduced.

So, for KL4.5LM mining cap lamp, it is with double protection in its largest extent to make it safe in underground mine using and avoids explosion.

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