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About LED explosion -proof price problems

Datetime: 2023-03-06 11:31:00

What are the quality and price of LED light explosion -proof lights based on what are the decisions, and why the same product quotation is quite large. Natural manufacturers are selling and selling themselves. Is the profitability of explosion lights high? Why is there a big difference between well -known brands and well -known brands? Senn explosion -proof lamp production manufacturer's technical manufacturing LED light anti -explosion -proof light, explosion -proof equipment, reliable quality, reasonable price.
Explosion -proof price
But it is not all huge profits. Lighting furniture itself is a humanized product, and the popular development trend has changed rapidly. After the development of a product, the manufacturer also does not sell whether the style is good. Generally, it is not easy to produce in large quantities. On the other hand, the backlog of the agent's anxiety inventory does not purchase a large number of goods, plus the production of lighting lamps.
Ordinary home use lights are large in large range, strong competition, and relatively transparent prices. The goods called lighting lights, because the humanization must be significant, and the relatively high positioning is high, and the customers they encounter are not very dexterous to prices. In order to maintain the rights and interests of manufacturers, agents and customers.

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