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Before installation, you should determine whether the LED explosion -proof light is normal

Time:2023-03-14 Views:0

One of the important explosion -proof principles of explosion -proof lamps is to limit the temperature of the shell surface and explosive gas, explosive dust, component surface or electronic component surface contact, and limit the temperature of the electrical contact surface to lower than its low ignition temperature or ignition temperature. LED explosion -proof lamporal outdoor use requires waterproof driving, LED explosion -proof light gas station needs shockproof!


Before installation, check LED explosion -proof light according to the nameplate and product specifications: explosion -proof types, categories, grades and groups. Course protection level; installation method and fastener requirements. The installation of explosion -proof lights should ensure that it is fixed and firm, and the fastening bolts shall not be replaced at will. The spring cushion should be complete. The dustproof waterproof sealing ring should be installed as the original.


At the cable entrance, the cable and the ring should be closely matched. The cross section of the cable should be round, and there must be no defects such as raised the surface of the sheath. The remaining intake inlet should be sealing with explosion -proof, coating the 201 replacement rust -proof oil, and tightening the tights to seal the air inlet. Use explosion -proof lights in a strong vibration place, and use anti -falling ring to prevent the light bulb from falling off.