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Explosion -proof lamp classification

Datetime: 2023-05-24 10:27:52

  1. The explosion -proof lamps, the type, level and temperature group of explosion -proof lamps are stipulated in the national standards.
  2. It is divided into five main types: explosion -proof type, increased safety, positive pressure type, sparkless and dust -proof explosion -proof type. It can also be combined or compounded and special types of explosion -proof type and the above -mentioned explosion -proof type and the above -mentioned explosion -proof type. Essence
3. According to the anti -electrical protection type, it can be divided into Class Ⅰ, Ⅱ, and III. In order to prevent explosion -proof lamps from being easily touched by parts of the parts, the conductor of the human body shocked or different potentials touches the electric spark to ignite the explosive mixture.
Class A Ⅰ -On the basis of basic insulation, the non -charged conductive components that are not charged when they touch the normal work are connected to the protective ground conductor in a fixed line.
Class BI Ⅱ —— Use dual insulation or enhanced insulation as safety protection measures, without ground protection.
Class C Ⅲ -The safety voltage of the effective value is not greater than 50V, and it will not generate higher than this voltage value.
Class D0 -relied on basic insulation as security measures.
Most of the explosion -proof lamp anti -electrical protection types are Class I lamps, and only a few are class Ⅱ and III lamps. For example: full -plastic explosion -proof lamps, explosion -proof flashlights.

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