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  How is the cheap LED explosion -proof light made

Datetime: 2023-05-24 10:28:07

There are three main aspects, that is, the heat dissipation problem of explosion -proof LED lights itself. The second is what kind of chip is used, and the third is the configured driving power solution. Now many people are blindly required to be low and low, and behind the blind price can only reduce product quality. For a LED explosion -proof light that has reached the standard, using high configuration is only its basic quality.

There are three main LED explosion -proof lamps -lamp beads, shells, and driving power. If you want to make the price lower, you can only do work in these three aspects.
1. Light beads:
Domestic 1W lamp beads sell for 2 cents. Why dare to sell for two cents?
The golden thread inside the lamp bead is replaced by copper threads. Other raw materials are replaced by inferior materials. This is not unable to detect that consumers cannot detect it, and it is nominated by 1W, but it may be only 0.5W with equipment. Go to test.
2. Shell
With some corner aluminum or plastic, the cost is 1 to 3 yuan.
3. Drive power supply
At present, the inferior drivers on the market are sold more than 1 yuan, or even lower. Manufacturers who do LED explosion -proof lamps are closed. How much is it.

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