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How to choose LED explosion-proof lights

Time:2023-03-20 Views:0

In recent years, the LED explosion -proof lamp profession has become very popular, the explosion -proof lamp shopping malls have become full, and intelligent security and maintenance -free explosion -proof lighting will be on the stage.


The strength of the LED light is beyond doubt. The explosion -proof light is gradually transforming from the original general explosion -proof lamp -metal halide explosion -proof lamp -LED explosion -proof light.


The strengths of LED explosion -proof lamps are energy saving, high brightness, long life, maintenance -free, and the rapid development of LED lights and the continuous technical improvement of the industry's LED explosion -proof lamps in recent years;


The cost of LED explosion -proof lights is greatly reduced. The price and standard of the standard are lower than the non -LED light source explosion -proof light. In addition, the LED explosion -proof light has an advantage. The LED explosion -proof light is undoubtedly a reasonable and reasonable explosion -proof light. However, it is only because it is profitable. Many manufacturers are mixed and there are intermediaries. Therefore, the mall is disordered, the price is messy, and the quality is uneven.


Therefore, when buying explosion -proof lights, assuming the price first, maybe put the price first, you are wrong. Because explosion -proof lights are products that ensure safety lighting, it is important to safety!


Take a look at the supplier (the company's planning, the company's related documents are complete, the company's processing certification guidelines);


Look at the product certificate (whether there are coal -related qualification certificates, explosion -proof certificates);


See the product (whether there are specific color spray paint and explosion -proof signs);


The second is comparison: comparison, please do not go to the price, because the price is more active, which can affect personal ideas; There are three shares of strong supply talents, service quality in place, and after -sale after warranty). The price comparison should still be (due to the price of the price, the price can be afforded);


The third is to talk about: Talk to the supplier, don't talk about the product first, because you now understand the product, talk about the supplier company, and talk about the company: after the other party query the supplier, see if the supplier is a professional professional , So you can see the strength of the supplier;


Talking about the price: Inquire the price system of the supplier, not the specific product price, so that you can clearly understand the price space, so that you can see how much space the price demand is.