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How to choose superior LED explosion lights?

Datetime: 2023-03-15 14:19:00

First, to see if there is an explosion -proof agency for certification. The principle of explosion -proof is to limit the temperature of the shell surface, the surface or electronic component surface of the shell, the surface of the component or the surface of the electronic component of the explosive gas, and the surface temperature of the electronic contact surface is lower than the ignition or ignite the temperature. Explosion -proof cards of explosion -proof lamps are like ordinary people's ID cards, and they are one of the essential certification documents for explosion -proof lamps. Then, according to the explosion -proof levels on the explosion -proof certificate, let the manufacturer's personnel take each accessory of the product, the explosion surface, the glass covered, and the photos are sent to check it, because I find that the explosion -proof level of many manufacturers' certificates is not in line with the product. Essence The explosion -proof level of explosion -proof level has a clear explanation in the GB3836.2. It is not a explosion -proof level to send you an explosion -proof certificate. The product that really sends you must meet the explosion -proof standard.

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