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How to configure LED explosion-proof light chips

Datetime: 2023-11-13 09:39:00


Usually, the nameplate of LED explosion-proof lighting fixtures contains the following information:

1. Explosion proof signs and basic signs: including product name, model, manufacturer name, registered trademark, manufacturing date, etc.

LED explosion-proof light

2. The quantity of explosion-proof certificates proves that the product has passed the official testing of the explosion-proof testing station. Some products have an "x" symbol after the explosion-proof certificate number, indicating that the product can only be used under certain special safety conditions. The specified conditions should be clearly stated in the lampshade or product manual.

3. Performance safety signs: including rated voltage, current, rated frequency, power supply and quantity, allowable ambient temperature, and specific applicable environmental signs.

The design points include:

1. Chip selection must first use high lumen, dedicated low-power chips, with the most mature being IW and 3W chips; The second package is best done using commonly used processes, which can be done very well

2. Light distribution design has a significant impact on lighting performance. LED is a directional light source. Professional optical grading design must be adopted to meet the standards and requirements of on-site lighting. Recommended reading: How to use LED explosion-proof floodlights

3. Thermal conductivity design is very important, and it is necessary to design the overall professional thermal conductivity of LED lights to meet the operating temperature requirements of LED chips.

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