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How to remove the explosion -proof lamp lamp tube

Datetime: 2023-05-22 10:26:00

We know that there are also lamps in explosion -proof lamps, and during the long -term use process, the lamp can lose their ability to work and no longer glow. At this time, we must replace the explosion -proof lamp tube in time.
1. Please cut off or turn off the power supply first. Safety is still very important. After turning off the power, first take the lampshade of the explosion -proof lamp step by step, wipe the explosion -proof lampshade with a clean Pazi, clean it, and then see which lamp in the explosion -proof lamp is broken. Change a tube. This is how to change the explosion -proof lamp lamp tube. You must look at it first.
2. How to change the second step of the explosion -proof lamp lamp to see the situation in the explosion -proof lamp. There is probably a little understanding in your heart. If you find that the lamp tube of the explosion -proof lamp has been black, it means that the use of the lamps has been too long or for too long. Due to the circuit, you need to buy a new explosion -proof lamp lamp to replace it. With the size specifications and size of the lamp tube, you can buy a market for the market for the lamps.
3. As long as you are familiar with the structure inside the explosion -proof lamp, you will find that the lamp tube installation of explosion -proof lamps is actually relatively simple. Both ends of the lamp tube are fixed. The scallion is twisted gently, and the lamp of the explosion -proof lamp can be removed. How is it easy to change the explosion -proof lamp?

4. The fourth is to install the lamp of explosion -proof lamps. This is also an important step in how to change the explosion -proof lamp lamp tube. Some things are easy to disassembled but it is not easy to install. The black lamp tube indicates that it is broken. You need to replace one again. At this time, take the new lamp pipe and install it step by step according to the method just unloaded. Gently fix the stuck spring. In this way, the light -proof lamp lamp is changed.
5. Of course, try to see whether the replaced lamp tube is bright. After the reinstallation is completed, open the main gate at home and turn on the power. Is the explosion -proof light turned on? In fact, how to change the step -proof lamp lamp tube seems simple, or there must be some technical work. Since then, with this method of changing the explosion -proof lamp tube, it can also help you save the cost of changing lamps.

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