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Introduction and application of explosion -proof lights

Time:2023-03-03 Views:0

Explosion -proof light is a unique lighting equipment. The key is used in chemical enterprises, chemical factories, oil and gas fields, gas stations, pharmaceutical factories and other production workshops and warehouses with flammable and explosive items.

Under the conditions of production and manufacturing, this processing plant is full of flammable and explosive items. If the auto body encounters high temperature or fire, it will change. The key to a high -temperature area caused by a production workshop is to say that some household appliances, the lighting lamps are relatively high. Therefore, the lighting lamps must be explosion -proof lamps. Other home appliances also need to choose explosive types. For example, explosion -proof control boxes, explosion -proof fans, explosion -proof pipes.

What is explosion -proof light?

Explosion -proof lamps refer to risk venues used to exist in flammable gases and smoke, which can avoid the flammable gases and smoke in the surrounding environment that can be caused by the inside of the lights, and then the lighting of the light -proof. Lights. Also known as explosion -proof lamps and explosion -proof lighting fixtures. Different combustible gas compounds have different regulations for explosion -proof levels and explosion -proof methods for explosion -proof lights. Actual reference execution standard GB3836