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Is LED explosion -proof light expensive?

Time:2023-05-25 Views:0

Many customers have such trouble: "Your explosion -proof lamp is higher than the price of gold halogen lamps, so that we have changed the cost" "Your explosion -proof lamp is very good, but the price is higher than other lamps. Consider price issues "then tell you that choosing our explosion -proof light today is a more wise choice.


First of all, our explosion -proof lamp cost is lower than other lamps.


LED light sources are higher than traditional light sources. Combine the chip with high luminous efficiency of stable circuit, as well as excellent lamp materials and bending eyebrow -style lamp shape design, it is the main reason for our explosion -proof lamps Good benefits, and our goal is to allow customers to enjoy this better product. We can tell you very clearly that using our explosion -proof lights, at most one year, its energy saving can become an investment that can recover the light source, that is, the electricity cost saved is enough to buy an explosion -proof light. The length of time depends mainly on the power of the lamp. For example, using 150 watts of gold halogen lamps in the four -meter high warehouse, and our explosion -proof light only needs 50 watts. Each explosion -proof lamp can save two -thirds of the electricity costs. How to pay a monthly electricity cost of 600 yuan, and the cost saved is 400 yuan. For a long time, everyone will count this economic account. The explosion -proof lamps of different power lamps have different power saving effects. The greater the high -power explosion -proof lamp, the better the power saving effect. The cost of reducing use not only makes up for customers' replacement costs, but also builds a good environment for energy conservation and emission reduction for long -term operations.