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Is LED explosion-proof light waterproof?

Time:2023-11-07 Views:0

Is LED explosion-proof light waterproof? My standard answer is that qualified explosion-proof lamps in the market may not necessarily be available. Explosion proof is achieved by detonating in a chamber with explosion-proof gas, which does not affect the external environment of the chamber. This is not equivalent to the level of protection;

Usually, some customers ask if our Jiangsu Xugao LED explosion-proof light products are waterproof. The answer is, of course. However, please determine different testing requirements based on different waterproofing properties. Let's take a look at the specific meaning of protection level numbers.

1. IP65 6 indicates no dust entry, and 5 indicates no harmful effects on all directions of water spraying.

The front of IP66 refers to the absence of dust, while the back 6 refers to strong water spraying onto the casing without any harmful effects.

3. Our company's LED explosion-proof lights have been fully upgraded, not only explosion-proof, but also waterproof. Don't worry

Is LED explosion-proof light waterproof?

LED explosion-proof light

3. IP67 6 refers to dust-free entry, 7 refers to immersion in water at the specified pressure, and after the specified time, the water inflow into the shell does not reach a harmful level.

4. IP68 6 refers to the absence of dust entry, and 8 refers to the conditions agreed upon by the manufacturer and user (which should be harsh when the feature number is 7). After continuous diving, the water inflow of the casing will not reach a harmful level.