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LED cold storage explosion -proof light use

Time:2023-05-26 Views:0

With the rapid development of LED lighting technology, in many domestic chemical plants, refineries, steel manufacturing parks, ironmaking parks, and pharmaceutical parks, LED explosion -proof street lights have been used to replace traditional explosion -proof gold halide lamps. In particular, the light effect of high -power LED lamp beads exceeds 110lm/W. Explosion -proof street lights have been widely recognized as the development trend of road lighting.


Although the level of LED road lighting technology has developed rapidly, most LED road lighting manufacturers have ignored the special technical specifications in the cold application environment during the product development process. A common error point is that LED applications in the cold storage area are beneficial to exclusion and are not prone to common failures. However, in the cold storage application environment, there is a stricter technical specification for LED road lighting. There are two main aspects: mainly:


1. The average temperature in the cold storage area is low and the temperature is large. The hot cold shocks and long -term ultra -low temperature work have stricter quality requirements for components.


2. LED road lighting applied in the cold storage area must consider preventing the prevention measures of ice coagulation.


Due to the above reasons, the application promotion of LED road lighting in the cold storage area needs to solve the core technical problems in the following aspects.


1. The temperature change of the hot and cold shock may cause the LED components to be invalid.


2. LED driver's credibility guarantee for ultra -low temperature operation.


3. The feasibility of LED road lighting drives in the ultra -low temperature software environment.