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LED explosion-proof lights can be energy-saving from these aspects

Time:2023-11-01 Views:0

With the implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction, a small number of equipment, like factories, are promoting energy conservation. LED explosion-proof lights, as lighting devices in many special places, must also meet the needs of users. Achieve maximum energy-saving effect. As a manufacturer of explosion-proof lamps, Longfa Lamp believes that LED explosion-proof lamp skills can be improved in the following three aspects.

1. Material: All LED explosion-proof lights have the same material on their surface, which cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. But as long as you know how to put it in your hand, you will make a preliminary judgment based on the feeling, size, and weight of the lamp. Good explosion-proof lighting fixtures have a smooth surface and will not show any impurities under sunlight. There is no difference in thickness.

2. Heat dissipation effect of lighting fixtures: Under normal circumstances, a good LED explosion-proof light will convert the heat generated by continuous lighting into light energy during operation, and there will be no boiling sensation when hands are close. Therefore, an important parameter for determining whether it is a high-quality lamp is its surface heating.

3. Luminous brightness of the lamp: The LED explosion-proof lamp is in continuous operation and its luminous state is observed. Under normal circumstances, high-quality lighting fixtures have soft brightness and obvious brightness. Unlike ordinary lamps, once in operation, they will emit dazzling light and the eyes cannot adapt to it for a period of time. It will be very uncomfortable after a long period of time. Therefore, based on the brightness of light, it is best to determine its advantages and disadvantages.