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LED explosion-proof lights differ from ordinary LED lights in terms of

Datetime: 2023-11-16 09:40:00


One of the biggest advantages of LED explosion-proof lights is their high safety performance, which cannot be compared to ordinary LEDs. In many production workshops, there are various hazardous gases and combustible materials. Even in such harsh working environments, LEDs can still be used normally without explosion, thus avoiding accidents such as injuries.

LED explosion-proof lights differ from ordinary LED lights in terms of "explosion-proof"

LED explosion-proof light

At present, relevant national departments strictly control safety production, requiring relevant enterprises to take safety protection measures and conduct a series of safety inspections and other supervision work every year to ensure the implementation of safety production. If dangerous goods are detected in the workshop, please be sure to use explosion-proof lights, otherwise production and rectification will be stopped.

Are you also curious about why it is explosion-proof? What are the similarities with ordinary LED lights? Let's take a look at the reasons for explosion-proof.

Each opening cover of explosion-proof lamps has an explosion-proof surface. This can directly prevent internal electrical equipment from being affected by external hazardous substances.

Moreover, the thickness of the explosion-proof lamp housing is much greater than that of a regular housing, which is also a safety guarantee. When used for a long time, there may be a short circuit or internal circuit explosion, and the interior of the lampshade will not be damaged. This thickness can safely and effectively isolate all hazardous substances from the outside world.

LED explosion-proof light

When it comes to different aspects, the biggest difference is that LED explosion-proof lights have safety performance indicators that ordinary LEDs do not have. Ordinary LED lights are easily influenced by external factors, such as flammable gases, hazardous and explosive materials, and are all "workshop killers".

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