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Precautions for buying LED explosion -proof lamps

Datetime: 2023-03-02 11:43:00

1. Buy lamps and only buy lamps.
In various situations, they appear on some sophisticated agents, and they are frugal to pursue perfect economic profits. Because the lamp rack involves electroplating process, hardware, welding welding, etc., the agent could not win it, so they rationally controlled the cost from other accessories.
2. The pricing false report seems to be selling clothing
Maybe you have been accustomed to the random price of the clothing industry in daily life, but if you enter the lighting lighting manufacturing industry, please remember that this inside story is available.
The lighting products itself is not a fixed -shaped product. There are also some styling and artistic tastes. The price is not uniformly standardized. Therefore, manufacturers cannot be realistic. In this case, the price of a false report is marked, and then you will discount. If you report a certain price, the customers who are used to discounts will persevere and want you to discount. According to professionals, the specific price of more than 1,000 lighting lamps is hundreds of. In fact, the pricing of false reports does not know that the producer does so, and some agents also draw gourds according to their own.
3. LED energy -saving lamps virtual high output power to increase market price
In the LED energy -saving lamp industry, similar to the three -based color of various companies, it is indicated that the mercury water content is less than what is, but how the specific situation is in the heart, the more serious is that some manufacturers lie to the output power. Six watts are called ten watts, and ten watts are called fifteen watts. The higher the power, the higher the market price. In short, the masses are generally not easy to measure in person, and measurement must also be technical. In the case of increasingly fierce market competition, the output power of lies becomes another way for the company to increase income.

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