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Precautions for the choice of explosion -proof lamps

Time:2023-03-10 Views:0

1. Selected personnel must understand the work principle of explosion -proof lamps and familiarity with explosion -proof.


     2. According to the level of explosive hazardous places, the explosion -proof type, type, level and temperature group of the lamps is accurately selected.


     3. Understand the use of environmental conditions and work requirements, and reasonably choose explosion -proof lamps with various functions. For example: The protection level of the explosion -proof lamps used outdoors reaches at least IP43. In a place that requires different colors, high -pressure mercury lamps and explosion -proof lamps cannot be used, because these two light sources are poor.


     4. Read the product instructions in detail, understand the performance, precautions and product limitations of the product, and understand the content of all the signs of the product. If the explosion -proof certificate number has a "X" symbol after the lamp indicates that the light has specific applicable places, it should consult the product instruction manual and nameplate, and the requirements of the applicable venue should be clear.