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Technical requirements for explosion -proof pole lamps

Datetime: 2023-05-23 10:27:00

    The first is that explosion -proof polar lights need to use chips with high brightness, high power and low -light loss. Secondly, the packaging gold wires, fluorescent powder and insulating adhesives of explosion -proof non -polar lamps require good quality materials.
The materials selected by explosion -proof non -polar lamps are existing and very advanced materials in China.
The second is the requirements of explosion -proof non -polar lamps. LED is a semiconductor component of DC electronic conversion optical energy, so a stable driver demand is a high -performance driving chip;
The power factor PU compensation function requires the power supply power. The important factors of the entire power supply lamps are related to the quality of the LED power supply in the market. Outstanding driving power supply can not only ensure a stable DC power supply, but also ensure the forward power forward.
This parameter reflects the lamp. The real energy -saving type has not been spoiled on the grid. The LED lamps used by LED explosion -proof lights use high -efficiency power supply solutions and multiple protection functions.
There is also the structure and heat dissipation system of explosion -proof pole lights. In addition to the high -level and generous appearance, high -quality light sources and power supply, more importantly, the structural rationality of the shell;
It touches the heat dissipation problem of explosion -proof polar lamps, because the LED conversion lights are transformed into heat energy together, and it is necessary to distribute the heat into the air to ensure that LED is stable, which has an impact on the life of explosion -proof non -polar lamps.
With the continuous improvement of the LED chip technology, the transformation power has also advanced, the energy consumption of heat conversion has decreased, the use of heat dissipation components is thinner, and the cost decreases, which is conducive to the implementation of explosion -proof polar lights, but this is just a technical development direction.

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