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What are the LED explosion -proof light maintenance methods

Datetime: 2023-03-07 11:31:44

As a lamp series, LED explosion -proof lights are very frequent in industry. Its safety and efficiency are favored by major industrial companies. Although the LED explosion -proof light has a long service life, if the lighting can be maintained, the service life of the light will be increased. How to do well in the maintenance of LED explosion -proof lights?

1. After buying lamps, do not install it first. Please read the installation instructions carefully. Then follow the installation instructions and follow the instructions. Otherwise, danger may occur.

2. During the cleaning and maintenance process, do not change the structure of the bulb, and do not change the components of the bulb at will. After maintenance, the lights should be installed as the original. Do not miss or change the components of the bulb.

3. In particular, in addition to special LED explosion -proof lights, ordinary LED explosion -proof lights should be avoided in humid environments.

4. Finally, do not clean the LED light with water. Just wipe with a dry cloth and wipe it with water. If you accidentally touch the water, you should wipe it as much as possible. Do not wipe it immediately after the light is turned on.

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