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What is the installation method of explosion -proof fluorescent light?

Time:2023-03-13 Views:0

In fact, the installation method of explosion -proof fluorescent lights is not complicated, but it is one more installation of explosion -proof network than ordinary fluorescent lamps. First open the buckle outside the shell, open the lampshade to wiring. Then clamp the cable after pressing the sealing ring of the introduction device. At the same time, you need to seal the excess wire on the lamp with the thread of the wire to ensure the explosion -proof performance and protection level performance.

Consumers need to be firmly grounded and accepted to the grounding system before using explosion -proof fluorescent lights. For the sake of insurance, when installing and maintaining lamps, it is strictly forbidden to turn on the cover and check the cover of the secret regularly. If it finds that its aging should be replaced in time. Under normal circumstances, the emergency battery of explosion -proof fluorescent lamps is empty when leaving the factory, and consumers are used after use before use.