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Where to use LED explosion-proof lights?

Time:2023-11-09 Views:0

People who don't work in this industry may not be very clear about the use of LED explosion-proof lights, but as long as you pay attention, you will find that LED explosion-proof lights are closely related to our lives. We live in many places and need to use it. Today, I will briefly discuss with you the relationship between LED explosion-proof lights and the lives of ordinary people.

1. Gas stations and gas stations use LED explosion-proof lights. We drive to cheer every day. LED explosion-proof lights are installed on the top of gas stations because during the refueling process, as long as they are used by customs, many oil molecules will be released. Explosion proof products must be used for electrical equipment, therefore LED explosion-proof lights must be used for lighting fixtures.

2. LED explosion-proof lights must be used for production lighting in the chemical workshop, as many chemical gases encounter sparks or live signals, which can pose risks to the product. Therefore, LED explosion-proof lights must be used for these products, such as pharmaceutical factories, distilleries, paint factories, etc. The products produced by these manufacturers are the daily needs of ordinary people, so LED explosion-proof lights are closely related to us.

In the new year, in order to be happy, fireworks and firecrackers will be set off, just like some gunpowder, so you won't encounter fires and even sparks from iron wires are not good. Just like installing LED explosion-proof lights in the workshop to produce these products.

There are still many places that require LED explosion-proof lights. Nowadays, everyone attaches great importance to safety production. In addition to national energy-saving and emission reduction policies, LED explosion-proof lights are also a key focus of these industries.