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Why do many warehouse choose to use LED explosion -proof lights?

Time:2023-05-22 Views:0

1. Energy -saving, large warehouses and workshops choose to use LED explosion -proof lights. From the big place, it has saved the limited resources of the earth, and saved electricity costs for themselves.

2. Durable, the current LED explosion -proof light is more durable than gold and energy -saving lamps. His average life expectancy is 7 years. This is also a good lamp bead and power. There are high prices and low tastes, the taste must be different,

3. Safe, this is concerned about everyone now. In the past, the family used energy -saving lamps, or dozens of lights solved the problem. There was no accident in long -term use. The bulbs cannot be used in some flammable and easy -to -explode warehouses and workshops.

4, worry -free, many users who have used some energy -saving lighting sources are saying that one lamp is broken in two months. They have one thing in common. The light source is energy -saving or golden halogen light source. These two light sources are three generations of light sources, while LED is the fourth -generation light source. The appearance of LED is to solve the shortcomings of the third -generation light source. The problem of high electricity and short life, so everyone uses explosion -proof explosion -proof lamp shells to install energy -saving lamps, because his lamp shell has a good sealing performance. Question, and LED light sources are synonymous with cold light sources. His calories are 40%less than energy -saving lamps. If it is a workshop, it is troublesome to change every month. The frequency is high and affects production and life.