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Why use explosion -proof lamps

Datetime: 2023-05-24 10:28:32

Many production places produce certain flammable substances. About two -thirds of the places under the coal mine have explosive substances; more than 80% of the production workshop areas in the chemical industry have explosive substances. Oxygen: Oxygen in the air is ubiquitous. Lite -out source: During the production process, a large amount of electrical instruments, various friction electric flames, mechanical wear sparks, electrostatic sparks, high temperature, etc., especially when the instrument and electrical failure occur. Therefore, many industrial scenes meet the explosion conditions. When the hybrid concentration of explosive substances and oxygen is within the scope of explosion, if there is an explosion source, explosion will occur. Therefore, it is necessary to take explosion -proof.
Many people are unwilling to install LED explosion -proof lights. There is an important reason for: high prices, but everyone can calculate the cost performance of ordinary incandescent lights and explosion -proof lights. The explosion -proof light is much longer than incandescent lamps in the service life. The cheaper lamp is a short life and frequent replacement in the later stage. It will also bring greater maintenance costs, so the cost -effective comprehensive comparison of explosion -proof lamps is much higher than incandescent lamps.

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