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You should know the quality knowledge of explosion -proof lighting lamps

Datetime: 2023-03-16 15:09:00

Explosion -proof lamps refer to dangerous places used in the existence of combustible gas and dust, which can prevent the lamps that can prevent the arc, sparks and high temperatures that cause arcs, sparks, and high temperatures to ignite in the surrounding environment, thereby achieving explosion -proof requirements. Different combustible gas mixtures have different requirements for explosion -proof levels and explosion -proof forms of explosion -proof lights.
After the general lighting market has entered the blue ocean market that has entered low gross profit or even inaccurate, although LED explosion -proof lamps have entered high thresholds and are difficult to technical, they have attracted more and more companies' attention with high gross profit.
Related data show that the global explosion -proof products market has grown rapidly and demand has continued to rise. In 2014, the consumption of global explosion -proof LED lamps was US $ 160.1 million. It is estimated that the global output value in 2021 will expand to US $ 273.4 million.
In fact, LED explosion -proof lamps have been used for many years. With the continuous demand for LED explosion -proof lights, the market development space is getting larger and larger, and many companies have begun to target this "cake". "Profit" is the goal of the company's unanimous pursuit.
Disglementing materials and reducing costs excessively. The same product can make different versions of specifications and leave hidden dangers.
Since the birth of the "explosion -proof light", it has shouldered the major mission given by humans, and is the "Superman" model in life. "Therefore, what we can do is to be more at ease with a safe sense of security and bringing a guarantee safety. Explosion -proof products that cut cornering materials are resolutely unavailable.

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