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DDC01 ip65 waterproof led camera headlamp/cap lamp/mining cap lamp


Power Source:Rechargeable Battery

Lighting Period (h):>12

Certification:CE, EMC, RoHS

IP Rating:IP65

LED Light Source:Cree

Camera pixel:5M

battery capacity:6.6Ah


IP rated:IP65

Charging Time:<6H

Product Details

DDC01 ip65 waterproof led camera headlamp/cap lamp/mining cap lamp

Product Description

This led camera headlamp is suitable for video evidence in the process of the maintenance of high-safe products. Such as routine maintenance for high-speed train and aircraft, security check of pressure vessel and elevator device. Led camera headlamp can not only supervise maintenance personnel’s job, but also protect their rights in case of accident. This camera headlamp are also very popular for some outdoor sports enthusiasts for fishing, riding, hiking etc. They can easily take video for some wonderful instant meanwhile they are moving.

Using environment:

Environment temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +45 ℃.

Relative humidity: 15 ~ 85%RH.

Performance Features

Security: LED camera headlamp has the protection of over-charge, over-discharge and short circuit; With intelligent charger to extend the battery life. The battery pack is protected by plastic housing for dropping resistance.

Environmental Friendly: LED camera headlamp adopts the latest CREE LED and excellent optical design, which makes the light strong and soft. It has long illumination distance at night, long life span and free maintenance. High energy rechargeable battery, with low self-discharge rate and without memory, can be recharged many times.

Product Features: LED camera headlamp can be adjusted from various angles. People can wear this headlamp on the head directly with head strap, also can fix head strap on the helmet as cap lamp.

Lighting performance: Strong light and soft light can be changed freely. It can be made long distance lighting and broad lighting in order to meet the requirements of maintenance at night and making videos.

Photographed Function: In the lamp, image sensor is equipped to video. laser positioning is equipped to locate for taking video. It can meet the video demand in specific environment.

Practical function: DDC01 led camera headlamp has light weight and little size, easy to operate. It can meet various working requirement.

Operating Instructions


(1) Button operations

Lamp button: press lamp button one time and strong light on, press this button again and auxiliary light on. Press this button for 2s and strong light blinks

Power button: Pressing power button for 2s to begin to video. green indicator light blinks, laser light turns on automatically, pressing this button again and laser light off, Press 2s again, video stop and indicator off

(2) Indicator lights status introduction

Green indicator light blinks: taking video

Green indicator light always on : standby mode

Red indicator light always on: No TF card or TF card fault

Red indicator light blinks slowly ( 2s for one time): TF card filled fully

Red indicator light blinks fast ( 1s for one time): low battery power

(3) Others parts function description

Camera: for video

Main light: for long distance illumination

Auxiliary light: short distance illumination in broad range, taking video at night

laser head: Positioning to take video, laser light will be turned on automatically while videoing, red laser point indicate the centre location of videoing.

Battery: 6600mAh li-ion battery

Charger port: charging via connecting specified charger. the charger indicator light showing red color means it is being charged. It will turn green when the headlamp is charged full.

Helmet hanging hook: Four hooks, if no need, they can be taken off directly.

Device number settings

1, Default device number for this headlamp is “0000000”,please operate according to below instruction if you need to revise.

(1) Connect data line and computer, press power button one time, open memory card and find memory card folders with the name of “device number setting controls. Finally copy file of ”settings.ini” in this folder and stick it on the root directory of memory card

(2) Open “settings.ini” this file, change “0000000” to new device number; Such as change “0000000” to “A0B1C2D”, Then new device number will be “A0B1C2D”,

(3)Save file after change, take off USB data line.

(4)Press power button, green light blinks one time and device number parameters finished revising; Then green light blinks and begin to video (File “settings.ini” will be deleted automatically after parameters is changed)

2, Setting method for parameter, date and time.

Steps are the same with method for setting device number above.

(1) Meanings of the parameters in the file of “default.ini”:

Default: ex-factory default function.

0 means no restore factory settings. 1 means restore factory settings.

Camera resolution in factory settings is 1920*1080P/30F, video time by section is 20 minutes

(2) Mres: Pixel settings. Setting value and corresponding pixel is as below

10---1920*1080p/30 frames; 15—1440*1080p/30frames

20—1280*720p/60 frames 22—1280*720p/30frames

24—848*480p/60 frames 25—848*480p/30frames

Split: video by section time settings. Setting value and corresponding video by section time is as below

197---5 minutes ; 202---10 minutes 207---15 minutes

212---20 minutes 222---30 minutes

yearMonth: year and month settings: front four digit is year value, back 2 digit is month value

Daytime: date and time settings: front two digit is date value, middle two digit is hour value, back 2 digit is minutes value.

Please save the file after finishing the settings and take off USB data lines

How to charge

1 pull out the waterproof rubber cap of battery case

2 Connect charging port to specified AC adapt to start charging; Input voltage is 100-240v, 50/60Hz; the indicator light on the AC adapt showing red color means it is being charged. It turns green when the headlamp is charged full.

Caution: Please choose safety place to replace the battery, charge the lamp or disassemble the lamp.

Product show:

Packaging & Shipping

camera headlamp:

Inner Box: 207*186*77mm

Outer Carton: According to the quantity

Our Services

We are focused on LED products, provide good quality, quick delivery, AQ discount for all customers.

1. For all your inquires, we will reply you in detail within 24 hours.

2. OEM/ODM services. Print your own logo on product, can customize retail box packing and other things.

3. We have sales who have engage in LED many years to provide custom-made the sales solution.

4. We have engineers who has the experience of projects to solve the problems of technical.

5. We have very experienced R&D engineers and we have strong ability to do ODM projects.

Looking forward to cooperating with you.


Main technical parameters

Rated VoltageV3.7
Rated CapacityAh6.6 Ah 18650 lithium battery (with protective PCB and protective shell)
LED SourceRated powerW1
Continuous Working Hours (spot light)h≥18
Charging Time ( specified charger)≤6
Video HoursLight on≥ 6(Sustainable time of electricity consumption)
Light off≥ 8
visual Angledegree80
Camera pixelM5
Camera Resolution1920*1080P / 1280*720P / 848*480P for options
Memory card capacityG 32 / 64G for options
Video file sizeMB/minute25~60
Video laser positioningLaser light will be turned on automatically to locate video production while videoing
Video formatMP4
Battery lifecycleAbout 500

Headlamp  75.5×70x36.5

Battery pack: 98x60x42

IP ratedIP65

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