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DL266 High Power LED explosion proof flood light for hazardous area lighting

Model Number: DL266

Light Source: led

Rated Voltage(V): AC220V

Lamp Power(W): 350-600w

CRI (Ra>): 70

Working Temperature(℃):-30°C ~ +50°C

Working Lifetime(Hour): 100000

IP Rating: IP66

Ex mark:Ex d IIC T6

beam angle: 90

Product Details

DL266 High Power LED explosion proof flood light for hazardous area lighting 

This product has good explosion-proof function, suitable for IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas environment and various inflammable and explosive places, mainly used in railway, electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, steel, aviation, ship and

each Efficient lighting in factories, stations, large facilities, venues and other places.

Product Features:

1 Configuration: It adopts imported LED light source, with an average service life of up to 100,000 hours. The power supply adopts wide voltage processing, which can realize constant current output, and has short-circuit and over-voltage protection functions, which greatly prolongs the service life of the lamps.

2. Heat dissipation: Explosion-proof electrical box and lamp holder double cavity design, large space size to ensure the assembly of various large-scale electrical appliances. Excellent heat dissipation performance, so that the LED chip and power supply temperature rise is reasonably controlled within a reasonable range, greatly ensuring the service life of the lamp .

3. Light distribution: Light projection is even and soft, especially suitable for all kinds of need to cast light, floodlights as a fixed lighting.

4 Protection: The protection level of the lamp body is IP66, and the anti-corrosion level can reach WF2. The surface of the lamp body will never corrode and never rust.

5 Installation method: Various installation methods such as ceiling, suction wall and U-shaped anti-vibration bracket (angle adjustable) can be used as needed.



1 Before installation, it is necessary to check whether the actual operating conditions are in conformity with the parameters listed on the lamp nameplate.

2 Before installation, please test the lighting according to the parameters of the lamp nameplate to ensure that there is no quality problem before installation.

3 Before installation, it is necessary to determine the installation location and mode of the lamps according to the installation mode provided by the product, in combination with the on-site use environment and lighting requirements, so as to ensure that the installation is firm and reliable

4 Connect the prepared cables with the input cables of lamps and lanterns according to the corresponding fire (brown), zero (blue) and ground (yellow-green) wires, so as to ensure that the connection is firm, and make good insulation and waterproof measures at the connection. 5 The input end of the cable can be connected to the power supply of the corresponding voltage to illuminate.




Rated VoltageAC220V
Protection LevelIP66
Lighting Angle90°
LED Qty500pcs
Explosion proof gradeEx d IIC T6
Light efficiency120Lm/W
Power Factor>0.95PF
Operating Temperature-30~50
Storage Temperature-30~50
Correlate Color Temperature3000-6500K
Color Rendering Index≥70RA
LED'S Operating Life100000Hours
Start-up time≤0.2S
Executive standardGB3836.1 GB3836.2

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